Platinum Awarded Winning HK Chef, Julian Tam Kwok Fai, not only the First to Bring in “Poon Choy” to the Singapore Chinese Cuisine as a Festival New Year Delicacy, He is also the First to Convert “Poon Choy” into a Dish which can be Enjoyed Daily. Customers Appreciate Chef Tam’s Passion and Knowledge in Traditional Hong Kong Style Chinese Cooking much and will never Disappoint by his Delicacies. “WOPENG” brings you the very Best and Traditional and Authentic Hong Kong style Cantonese Taste. Served Homemade Dim Sum, Country style Boiled Soup, Hometown Specialities and Guangzhou BBQ. Chef Signatures Include Famous Traditional “Hong Kong Wei Cun Poon Choy”, Smoked Roasted Duck with Raw Rice, Tea Leaves and Camphor Wood, Buddha Jumps over the Wall, Baked Lobster Noodle with Superior stock HongKong Dim Sum: Barbecue Pork Buns with Preserved Leaf Mustard and Skewer fry Pork Siu Mai and more.

白金奖香港名厨,谭国辉师傅,不仅是本地第一位厨师推广新年盆菜,也是第一位厨师把盆菜从新年菜转型为日常佳肴。他对传统香港中餐那份热情和烹饪风格,正是食客们欣赏之所在;他炮制的美味珍肴,保证不会让您失望。“和平” 将为您呈献真正的正宗港式粤菜风味,自制香港点心,乡村风格的煲汤炖汤,家乡特色小菜和经典的广州烧烤。谭师傅的撚手名菜包括著名的香港围村盆菜、镇店京川樟茶鸭、原鼎鲍鱼佛跳墙、上汤龙虾焖伊府面,香港点心: 自创梅菜叉烧包和串烧烧卖等。